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Earlene has worked with groups across the

State of California for over 35 years.

What People Say

My first interaction with Everyday University was when I came upon a Live Stream being done on Facebook. Earlene was talking about the importance of making a budget and immediately I went to download her Budget Tracker. My husband and I sat down that night and filled out the worksheet. It has been about 2 months and we are soon to start car shopping. I honestly didn’t think I was in a place to even get a new car yet! I am so glad I came across Earlene’s FB Live that night!

Elyse Smith, Freelancer

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Are you frustrated with frequent calls from your son or daughter asking for help because their account is overdrawn? Do you wonder if the calls asking for money for gas, car repairs, rent or food will ever end? Or do you worry that their life will be filled with stress because of poor decisions?

Our Free Budget Tracker will empower you to guide your teen to:

  • Take control of their finances
  • Stay on track with their financial goals
  • Be prepared for unexpected costs
  • Create a plan for financial stability